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Our experienced design and development team will work with you to deliver the perfect website for your organisation. We will deliver a beautiful and professionally designed solution that engages users and integrates with online business processes. Brand, graphics, media, navigation, CTAs, integrations, conversions, & social interactions, are all specified before website development commences. This will ensure your website is a functional part of your broader business and marketing strategy and is both beautiful.


We understand your challenges and have the skills to give you the functionality you need. Our supported applications are Open Source, widely used and reliable. Our solutions include a wide range of applications such as Members Portal, Fundraising, Events, Learning Management Systems, CRM, Extranet & Accounting Integration. Whether creating new systems or integrating with your legacy systems our goal is to provide a cohesive integrated solution. We also integrate with qualifying 3rd party applications.


We use a combination of Google Analytics and dedicated server-side analytics to give you real insight into your website – a level of detail unavailable from Google Analytics alone. The big picture is clearer and outcomes are easier to predict.


We take our customer support seriously and are committed to your website success every step of the way. From design through development, hosting, and day to day management of the total solution, our dedicated support staff are online to assist. We take care of the website so that you can get on with the important job of taking care of your user community. We provide the ongoing maintenance and product enhancements which are an important part of a successful site as well as applications and hosting support.

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About Us

Open Design has been around since the early 90’s. In fact we started working with Internet protocols before the term Internet was defined in 1995. Our technical expertise is in business applications development and email message switching. Website development is a logical place for us. We’ve complimented our tech focused staff with graphic designers and digital marketers to form a strong solutions team. ‘Open source and excellent Design are the tenets of our development philosophy’ – which translates to… you should never be locked into a vendor because you can’t migrate from the solution. We plan to work with our clients for the life of the website, but should you need to move on from us, you will have the freedom to take your solution with you.

What differentiates us from the agencies in the web development space is that we understand the technology, we understand business processes, and we know how to service our clients. Open Design also consults to telecommunications companies for email message switching architecture services. We are experts in this field with many years experience and a comprehensive knowledge of Message Switching and Email protocols.

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